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Blacktron HQ

Long time before Blacktron became a formidable space fraction it was a small company on earth. It stated with an IT Start-Up specialized on secure data storage and cloud computing. One of the best selling products was the BlackCloud. Later the manager realised that many customers use the BlackCloud for saving sensitive technical data. That was the point when Blacktron got into industrial espionage and used the earned money to expand their business.

The model features an art deco style office building which can be opened like a dollhouse. On level one is the front desk, on level two the server room and an office for two workers and on level three is the managerĀ“s office. The building is modular and can be attached to other buildings which use the same technique.
The model contains about 1850 bricks.

Blacktron HQ

This building is a modified version of the Cocoa Hotel made by Snaillad. I like the basic layout very much but for my purpose it was too big. So I reduced the size by removing one level together with the gateway. I also made a lot of customizations to make it more the way I would like to see it. New additions are for example a public beach and the big rooftop bar for evening entertainment. The model is modular so it can be connected to other buildings that type.
The model contains about 5600 bricks.

Blacktron HQ

The 10228 brick model is one of the best ever created. But something is missing when it is standing alone on a shelf. So I decided to add a bigger baseplate and make things more complete. I added a small garden scene and also some custom engraved tiles for maximum customization. As a big fan of the TV show The Munsters I attached the house number 1313 to the garden gate and added the street sign Mockingbird Lane to the street lamp. In order to keep the dollhouse style I placed flat tiles under the back part of the house so it can slide over them.
It took about 300 bricks to make the changes.